Disability Ministries Committee of the United Methodist Church

The Teaching Tolerance project encompasses a variety of materials, classroom activities, and professional resources that include a wide variety of topics. The list provided here includes those articles that are specifically related to disability.

Teaching Tolerance: articles

  • The Puzzling Problem of Symbols (Autism, April 2016)

  • Auditory Processing Disorder (February 2016)

  • Clear Connection (Summer 2015)

  • Let's Disable the Word Lame (October 2014)

  • Beautiful Differences (Summer 2014)

  • Art and Accessibility: Study of Design (July 2014)

  • The Shame Game (Mental Illness) (Fall 2013)

  • Meeting Matthew (Invisible Disabilities) (Fall 2012)

  • Using Photographs to Teach Social Justice: Affirming Our Commonalities and Differences

  • Universal Design (May 2011)

  • Making Disability Explicit (April 2011)

  • Understanding Disabilities curriculum for K-12.

  • Into the Mainstream: inclusion in the classroom.

  • A Girl and a Word (Spring 2011)

  • Rosa's Law Changed Words — Now Let's Change the Prejudice (October 2010)

  • Looking Past the Disability to the Person (September 2010)

  • Fighting Prejudice and Discrimination Against People with Learning Disabilities (Spring 2010)

  • Inclusion on the Bookshelf (Fall 2009)

  • Disability Awareness: We're In It Together

  • Getting Past "Stereotype Threat", stereotypes affect a student's self-perception

  • Charity and Justice: What's the Difference?, explores relieving symptoms in contrast to resolving root causes