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Links to resources, organizations, and technology


General Resources
United Methodist Resources
Congregational Supplies
Disability Organizations
Accessibility - ADA
Advocacy & Training
Assistive Technology
Faith-Based Organizations:
Other Denominations
Faith-Based Organizations:
Funding & Scholarship Sources
Government Agencies
Medical Resources
Worship Resources

These lists attempt to include the most authoritative and useful websites in areas that are most useful to churches and similar organizations.

Our General Resources section links several sites which attempt to list more entities and information for people who are new to the disability community.

Our Disability Organizations section lists organizations which focus on disability in general; many more organizations exist for information about a specific condition, and they often have local chapters.


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By listing organizations, companies, or other sources of interest to people with disabilities, the United Methodist Committee on Disability Ministries does not recommend, endorse, or otherwise offer preference for any such entity. All listings are reports only, and are open equally to any entity offering suitable services.



Home  |  Welcome  |  Events  |  Resources  |  Links  |  Donate  |  Get Involved  |  Contact Us   

series of photos of people with disabilities participating in church activities