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Assistive Technology - General

  • National Public Website on Assistive Technology from CATEA
  • Assistive Technology News
  • Association of Assistive Technology Act Programs
Computers and Software
  • Apple Accessibility
  • GW Micro, Window-Eyes screenreader software
    • Window-Eyes for Office, free for users of Microsoft Office 2010 and later
  • Microsoft Accessibility or call 800-936-5900
  • Best Resources for Mac and Apple Device Users with Disabilities
  • Website Accessibility article from the committee
  • CarTalk™ Special Needs Zone
  • Mobile Accessibility Manufacturer's Forum
  • National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association
    • Essential Apps for People with Disabilities
    • Essential iPhone Apps for People with Disabilites (some are available for Android)
  • National Fire Protection Association
    • Safety Information for People with Disabilities
    • Smoke Alarms for People who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing Adobe PDF

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By listing organizations, companies, or other sources of interest to people with disabilities, the Disability Ministries Committee of the United Methodist Church does not recommend, endorse, or otherwise offer preference for any such entity. All listings are reports only, and are open equally to any entity offering suitable services.



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