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  • Cultural and Linguistic Competence Assessment for Disability Organizations, Georgetown University
  • Ernst & Young, Unleashing our full abilities
  • Harris Family Center for Disability and Health Policy
  • Rehabilitation Provider's Guide to Cultures
  • Charting the Life Course: A Guide for Individuals, Families, and Professionals, a free (registration required, read on-line only) publication from the Missouri Family to Family Resource Center, developed to help individuals with disabilities and their families think about what they need to know and develop support.
  • Disabled Parenting Project

  • Think Before You Park, captioned video on YouTube from Madison City AL Disability Advocacy Board
  • United Spinal Free Publications page, includes etiquette, safety, travel, and mobility topics.

  • Global Alliance on Accessible Technologies and Environments
  • National Council on Disability: A Progress Report, October 2011
  • National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research: Annual Disability Statistics Compendium
  • Cornell University, Disability Statistics, online database
  • United Nations Enable: rights and dignity of persons with disabilities
  • Vanderbilt University Kennedy Center
  • World Health Organization 2011 World Report on Disability
  • Zero Project (European accessibility)

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By listing organizations, companies, or other sources of interest to people with disabilities, the Disability Ministries Committee of the United Methodist Church does not recommend, endorse, or otherwise offer preference for any such entity. All listings are reports only, and are open equally to any entity offering suitable services.



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