Disability Ministries Committee of the United Methodist Church

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Rev. Justin Hancock

My name is Reverend Justin Hancock. I am 31 years old and graduated from Perkins School of Theology with a Masters in Christian Ministries in 2008. I am an ordained Deacon out of the Northwest Texas Conference. I am currently living in Dallas with my lovely wife Lisa as she finishes a Masters of Sacred Music from Perkins School of Theology.

I have a passion for helping people discover who God designed them to be. This has primarily led me to work with young adults and college age students both as a director at the Texas Tech Wesley Foundation from 2009-2011 and as college pastor at St. John's United Methodist church in Lubbock, Texas prior to that.

Currently I feel God leading me on a journey to discover where God can be found in every type of community. This has led Lisa and I to volunteer at a micro-church that primarily serves African refugees in Dallas and also live in intentional community with 3 other people to do ministry to a neighborhood in the middle of central Dallas.

I feel that this process of discovering God on the margins is why I have such a deep passion for disability ministry beyond my own circumstance of dealing with Cerebral Palsy (CP). I like to say I come with a firm conviction that God's answer is always yes, even when society or other forces do what they can to tell us no.

I can't conclude any bio about myself without letting you know that I am a fiercely loyal and longsuffering Chicago Cubs fan and this might be the greatest example I have in my life of monastic self-sacrifice.