Disability Ministries Committee of the United Methodist Church

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Howard Guetherman

Howard G. Guetherman is a charter member of Spirit of Hope United Methodist Church in Peoria, AZ, which he joined in September 1988. I am a Certified Lay Servant in the Desert Southwest Conference. I am the Past-President of the Desert Southwest and Yellowstone Conferences United Methodist Men. I am a member of the Western Jurisdiction Committee on Disability Ministries Long Range Planning Committee. I facilitate a Men's Ministry group at Spirit of Hope UMC.

My brother and sister-in-law live in Great Falls, Montana, and my sister-in-law's brother has Down Syndrome. While recently living in Montana for seven years I did have the opportunity of interacting with him as well as contracting a virus in my ear and having an operation resulting in a significant hearing loss.

Since then I have become interested in Disability Ministries within and outside the United Methodist Church, and have been attempting to educate anyone I can about that ministry.