The United Methodist Task Force on Disability Ministries

Disability Concerns Workshop

cover of Disability Concerns Workshop discThe Disability Concerns Workshop is a program prepared by Jennifer Yound for UMCOR Health. It is intended to assist clergy and laity in local congregations. By using it, they will gain a background that will assist in creating a welcoming environment for people with disabilities.

The workshop covers six topics which can be presented together or as individual sessions. The first part is a PDF leader's manual. The second part is a series of PowerPoint® presentations used to conduct the workshop. Topics are:

  • Access
  • Attitudes
  • Disability and the Church
  • Disability Basics
  • Language
  • Programming

The workshop materials also include a survey, "Attitudes toward Disabled Persons," and several articles about inexpensive ways to make a congregation's facilities accessible, planning accessible meetings, communications and etiquette, and copies of articles referred to in the workshop. All materials needed to conduct the workshop are included.

The Workshop can be downloaded. If you cannot download it, we can burn a disc. To order the disc on-line, click here and send a message with our contact form.
The disc can also be ordered through Patricia Magyar at UMCOR Health, 475 Riverside Drive, 15th floor, New York NY 10115, telephone 212-870-3871, fax 212-870-3624, or at the UMCOR Contact Page.
There is no charge for a copy of the disc. The costs are supported by UMCOR through general apportionments of the United Methodist Church.

Downloads for Disability Concerns Workshop

Presentation Material