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What we do:

Vision and Mission


The Task Force began in Leavenworth, Kansas as the United Methodist National Task Force on Developmental Disabilities. Its goal was ensuring that people with developmental disabilities, their families and caregivers were included and nurtured in the worshipping community.

Founding member Pat Cook had a vision to form the group, which the denomination initiated in 1992. From its inception, the group has worked to include representatives from across the United States who have a passion for ministry with persons with developmental disabilities and their families. The Task Force was instrumental in changing the language of the Book of Discipline, paragraph 653, to include a provision for each annual conference to have a Committee on Disability Concerns.

In 2009, the group voted to change its name to the United Methodist National Task Force on Disability Ministries to more accurately reflect its expanding work in partnership with people affected by all types of disabilities. In 2010, the name was further clarified as the United Methodist Task Force on Disability Ministries.

The Task Force is comprised of thirteen representatives from the various jurisdictions, who, along with advisors from other groups and consultants, work to lead the church in becoming a welcoming place for people with any disability. The entire group meets once a year. It reviews goals and progress during monthly conference calls. This web site, established in 2010, provides resources on disabilities and spirituality to congregations and individuals, as well as being an advocate for disability concerns.

Annual Meeting Reports

2013 |  2012 |  2011 |  2010

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Presentation about Task Force (2012) (Open Office Impress)

Presentation about Task Force (2012) Microsoft Power Point

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Vision and Mission

Our vision is to create a culture of inclusion for persons with disabilities within the faith community.

Our mission: through advocacy, education and empowerment, the United Methodist Task Force on Disability Ministries will lead the UMC in creating a culture where people with disabilities are fully included in all aspects of worship, leadership and ministry.

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Task Force Members

Rev. Jacqueline Burgess,
Northeastern Jurisdiction
Rev. Russell Ewell,
Vice-Chair of Committee,
South Central Jurisdiction
no photo available Allyssa Green,
Southeastern Jurisdiction
Howard Guetherman,
Western Jurisdiction
Justin Hancock,
South Central Jurisdiction
Rev. Tom Hudspeth,
Liaison, UM Committee on Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Ministries
Rev. Sharon McCart,
Chair of Committee,
Western Jurisdiction
Terry McDorman,
Chair of Long-Range Planning Team,
North Central Jurisdiction
Patricia Magyar,
UMCOR Health
Debby Newman,
Co-chair, Communications Team,
North Central Jurisdiction
Rev. Eric Pridmore
Liaison, UM Assoc. of Ministers with Disabilities
Barbara Skarbowski,
Secretary of Committee,
Northeastern Jurisdiction
photo of Lynn Swedberg Lynn Swedberg,
UMCOR Consultant
Tim Tice,
Tim Vermande,
Co-Chair of Communications Team,
Social Media and Webmaster
Rev. Tizzy von Trapp - Walker,
Financial Secretary of Committee,
Southeastern Jurisdiction

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