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And look at this! Some people came in, carrying a paralyzed man in a chair.
They wanted to bring him to Jesus, but they were not able to find a way in because of the crowd.
So they went up onto the roof and let him and his chair down through it!
— Luke 5:18

The Task Force is dedicated to opening hearts, minds, and doors for people of all abilities in the United Methodist Church. As an agency of the United Methodist Church, we welcome interested people of all backgrounds. We draw our mandate from the story in Luke, which tells how many people displayed through their actions that the man was part of their community.

We'd like to be those friends Jesus mentioned, and help you with your questions, even if it means knocking down some doors or a roof!

This website is designed to be accessible to visitors with a variety of disabilities and to a variety of browsers. We hope that you will find it to be clear and easy to read. Please use our contact page if you have any problems or questions.

A Brief Guide to Our Site

Our Home page contains an inspirational thought, linked to the Revised Common Lectionary, links to the other pages, and some of the legal statements that are necessary anywhere.

Welcome! is this page, a bit of orientation for newcomers — or anyone else who needs it!

Our Advocacy page has lists of events. We cover a wide variety here: ministry events, academic conferences, policy conferences, and others, from around the world.

What We Do describes our members and provides more information about our work, along with the history of our group, and reports from our meetings.

Ministry In Action provides a variety of resources about ministry with people who live with disabilities. We include definitions, church law, guides to getting started, and ways to reach out. We also have resources here for Disability Awareness worship services, and links to ministries, including camps.

Our Learn More page provides links to websites that are most useful to those working in this ministry. In addition to United Methodist agencies, we include those from other denominations, government and disablity organizations.

Donate tells how to assist us financially in our work. Please note that we are not a funding agency; we provide information, resources, and contact.

If you'd like to Get Involved this page is for you! We publish a monthly newsletter, are present on several social media sites, and encourage others to join us through the Disability Connection.

Finally, if you'd like to Contact Us with a question, comment, or other concern, we want to hear from you. This page makes it easy to send us an e-mail or postal mail.

We also have a page that explains our privacy policy and copyright notices and another that explains our accessibility policy.

Welcome Cards These information sheets (Word version) or palm cards (PDF) provide an introduction, overview of the goals, and often-requested information about our work.

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Home  |  Welcome  |  Advocacy  |  What We Do  |  Resources  |  Links  |  Donate  |  Get Involved  |  Contact Us   

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